My name is Olga. We are going to open new amateur club outside of Moscow. We have 120 members that moment. We have some problem with antennas and some problem with radio amateur equipment. We ask you to help us. If you have used equipment can you donate to ours club? We can pay for delivery to Russia. We have interest in Yagi antenas for 80m-2m band. Amplifair (Booster) for 1-30 and 2m. band. Also we have interest to open special station for 50 Mgz. If it posible please contact with me.

Olga Kurnikova


The Dmitrovsk Amateur Radio Club is a non-profit public service organization, organized under the laws of the Moscow city.  



DARC was founded in 2004 in Dmitrovsk  City, and has met continuously since that time.

Our club consists of over 125 members in the central Dmitrovsk area and from around the area.  Members range in age from 10 to over 30 years old.  Men, women, boys and girls all work together to fulfill our objectives.


Photos of our Members

  One of the our dream :)

  Alexey, Andrey, Nicolay, Andrey. Our new members.

  It`s latest our contest near Dmitrovsk city. On the left side - Olga Krnikova

Anton,Olga, Petya. Dx contest 2005.

Alexandr and Svetlana.

Contact Information

 + 7 095 3254367

Electronic mail